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Why you need a sodamaker?

Healthy & tasty soda in one push.

Turn still water into fresh sparkling water with pure food-grade CO2 and no added calories.

Contribute to nature. Eliminate single-use plastic.

Using home carbonated water / switching to sodamaker can drastically lower the consumption of single-use bottles. Our earth needs less waste and more sparkles!

Hydrate and choose health.

Switch to Mr. Butler Sodamaker for guilt- free, fizzy drinks without added sugar.

INR 1 per glass.

Soda makers give you big savings over store-bought sodas.

Pledge to the 3 R’s.

Let's join the movement by following the 3 R's: reduce, reuse and recycle. Together, we can make a difference and preserve the planet for generations to come.

Change for good, use Mr. Butler sodamaker.

Our BPA-free PET bottles are reusable and environment friendly, further supporting the reuse message. We make sparkling water enjoyable while doing good for our health and planet.

Refill. Keep sparkling. Enjoy.

Over 1000 dealers offer refillable cylinders for Mr. Butler Sodamaker. Switch to convenient and eco-friendly fizzing.

Replacing your
empty refill
in your Sodamaker is super easy to do!

Mr. Butler Refill Cylinders are made of premium food-grade steel and brass. Leak and pressure tests are conducted with each cylinder to ensure complete safety. The CO2 used is of food grade, and approved by FSSAI. Each cylinder will give you around 25 liters of soda.