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Robochef Multi-Use Automatic Cooker

One-click cooking

Features 14 presets for versatile and convenient cooking, with ease and precision.

Save space and time.

Mr. Butler multi-use automatic cooker is a space-saving and time-saving solution for the modern kitchen. Its all-in-one design and one-click cooking feature makes it a convenient and practical addition to any household.

SS304 Stainless steel pot.

The high-quality, durable cooking surface is corrosion and heat-resistant, ideal for regular kitchen use.

Cheaper than cooking gas.

Energy-efficient with low power consumption, helping users save on gas bills.

Safe and Certified.

BIS certification to ensure safe and reliable operations.

Relax! Just set it and forget it.

Each preset is designed to optimise the cooking process for a specific type of dish, taking into account the necessary temperature, pressure and cooking time to achieve perfect results every time.

9-in-1 Multi cooker

Enjoy the versatility of 9 appliances in one. Create tasty meals with less mess.