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About Us

Mr. Butler is the first and only manufacturer of Home Sodamakers in India. The company also offers a stylish and eco-friendly range of bottles such as Copper, Steel, Thermosteel, Glass, and BPA-free PET. With Mr. Butler, we hope to be a spark for change — the inspiration to live a little more sustainably. Every soda made with a Sodamaker and every purchase of a Mr. Butler reusable Bottle counts towards displacing millions of plastic bottles.

Mr. Butler has also entered the kitchen segment to enhance and simplify your cooking experience. Our product range includes a Electric Cooker, Cast Iron Cookware Range, Kitchen Knives (including an Electric Kitchen Knife) and Knife Sharpeners.

Our Electric Cooker, the RoboChef presents a modern, easy and quick way to prepare nutritious home-cooked meals. RoboChef is an all-in-one solution, replacing multiple appliances/accessories in your kitchen. With just a click, you can cook delicious recipes from the Quick Menu options like dal, soup, yogurt, vegetables, rice, meat, curries, idlis, desserts etc. Explore our website to know more about our products, their usage and benefits. Visit our online store to purchase our products, and join thousands of happy customers!

Our Blogs


Water Into Soda In Seconds

18, March, 2022

How to use Mr. Butler Sodamaker? Here's three easy steps.

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Benefits of Cast Iron Cookware

18, March, 2022

What are the benefits of using Cast Iron Cookware? There are several!

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Benefits of Copper Bottles

18, March, 2022

Copper Bottles are widely popular for the health benefits.

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The print mentions us!

19, July, 2021

Mr. Butler, Asia’s first and largest Sodamaker, directly contributes to the cause of reducing plastic waste. The company’s Sodamakers focus on reusing bottles to decrease waste generated. Sodamakers help make soda or sparkling water at home, using reusable bottles without the need of electricity or batteries.

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