Our 100% Made in India, seasoned cast iron cookware is perfect for home cooks, beginners, and chefs of any skill level. It can handle any kitchen cooktop – be it gas, induction, oven, or grill. Make Mr. Butler Cast Iron a part of your lifestyle — you and your food deserve it!

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Cook your meals to perfection with our cast iron skillet. Pre-seasoned with edible oils, the skillet is naturally non-stick and can be used directly to cook your vegetables, meat, or bread. It does not have any harsh chemical based coating, so you can rest assured that your food remains wholesome & healthy. Broil, bake, sauté and more with ease; Mr. Butler skillet has multi-top compatibility, and is convenient to use with its robust grab handle and easy-to-clean surface.



Ideal for traditional Indian cuisine, our cast iron tawa can be used for making different types of flatbreads & pancakes like Dosas, Rotis, Chapatis, Phulkas, etc., with ease. Cook your favourite omelettes and Indian dishes, with minimal oil as Mr. Butler Cast Iron Tawa is pre-seasoned with natural & edible oils. Multi-top compatible, highly resistant to heat damage, and easy-to-clean, our cast iron tawa was made to last generations.



A must-have for cooking Indian cuisine, Mr. Butler Cast Iron Kadai is a necessity for every Indian household. Perfect for cooking with ease and precision, our cast iron kadai can be used for making curries, tempering, frying, and experimenting with new cuisines that kids and guests will love. The kadai is pre-seasoned with edible oils and is a healthy alternative to other non-stick cookware, keeping your family safe as it does not have any harsh chemical based coating. Its easy to clean surface and ability to heat food evenly makes it a popular and convenient cookware choice. The aesthetic appearance of Mr. Butler Cast Iron Kadai allows it to be used as a beautiful serving dish as well.



Dutch ovens have been used as cooking vessels for hundreds of years. Its ability to retain heat makes it perfect for baking, roasting, browning, searing, broiling, and deep-frying. The size, shape, and thick construction of the Dutch oven complements its use for cooking soups and stews. The heavy metal conducts heat well and can keep food warm for a long time. Dutch ovens have also been used to bake bread and other baked goods as their heating characteristics are similar to a stone hearth of a bread or pizza oven. Furthermore, the lid holds in moisture and steam, which creates a desirably crispy crust. A quality Dutch oven should feel very heavy, indicating its solid construction and heat-conducting capabilities.



Mr. Butler Pre-seasoned Cast Iron Grill Pan (10.25 inches) can withstand even the hottest of cooking environments. Put it over a wood fire, on a gas range, in your oven, or anywhere else - our cast iron can handle it all! It enriches the iron content in food while giving it a traditional rustic flavour. The grill pan can also be used as an indoor grill. Another advantage of using heavy cast iron cookware is that it gets heated slowly and more evenly than other materials. So say goodbye to half-burnt or uncooked food disasters with our cast iron grill pan! Taller and thicker grill ridges provide great searing on steaks, chicken, and anything else you cook up. You can use it to sauté, shallow-fry, deep-fry, braise, and more!



What can be handier than our Reversible Grill & Griddle? It serves the purpose of an efficient skillet, tawa, and grill pan, all rolled into one! The smooth side is great for making dosas, rotis, eggs pancakes etc. The ribbed side is perfect for grilling foods such as kebabs, fish, chicken and hamburgers. So get your Mr. Butler Cast Iron Grill & Griddle today for double the functional ease, aesthetic, and preciseness.


Get to Know Your Cast Iron Cookware:


  1. Can be used on gas stove-tops or induction cooktops.
  2. Performs best when heated gradually, so pre-heat for a few minutes before adding food.
  3. Retains heat very well, so use the lower heat setting to prevent food from sticking.


  1. After use, wash with water. Mild soap can be used if required. Do not wash using a dishwasher.
  2. Dry it with a clean cloth.
  3. Apply oil on the cooking surface and store.
  4. For more details, watch the video below.


  1. Clean with mild soap and wipe it dry.
  2. Apply a generous coat of edible oil.
  3. Heat with a stove under low/medium heat for approx. 2 minutes
  4. Switch off the stove & allow it to cool gradually.
  5. For more details, watch the video below.

How to Fix Common Cast Iron Concerns

Rust Rust forms when the cookware is exposed to moisture for a long time. It can also happen when you store your cookware in moisture-prone environments such as a cabinet, near a dishwasher, an open cabinet in a humid location, or outside. It is not harmful in any way. Simply use a rust eraser or apply a generous coating of any edible oil.
Food Sticking Food may stick to your cookware because you're not using enough edible oil while cooking, you're using cookware that isn't well-seasoned, or you're cooking in new cookware that hasn't built up additional layers of seasoning. Before you start cooking, add about a teaspoon of edible oil to your skillet and heat it gradually on the stove-top or in the oven to help reduce sticking. After cooking, allow the cookware to cool, then use a scrub with a nylon brush or a non-scratch pad, hand dry, and add a generous layer of edible oil. Rub the edible oil onto the pan until it is evenly distributed.
Flaking Occasionally, the seasoning on your pan may break down and leave black specks, especially if the cookware is not well-seasoned, but it is not harmful in any way. To remove any loose flakes, lightly rub the cookware, then season it by rubbing the pan with a thin layer of edible oil, placing it in the oven upside down, and baking it for one hour at 450-500° F. Line the bottom rack of your oven with aluminium foil to catch any excess edible oil. As the seasoning builds up over time, the flaking will eventually become minimal.
Black Residue The seasoning of your seasoned cookware may come off and leave a residue. The residue is not harmful in any way and will decrease as the cookware is used over time. It can also appear while cooking liquids, boiling water, using soap on new cookware, or cooking acidic and alkaline foods such as beans and tomatoes. Continue to use and care for your cookware, and you will see a reduction in black residue as the coating of seasoning improves.

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