How do I clean my Bottles?

Where is my local Dealer / Distributor?

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My Sodamaker does not carbonate. Why?

How do I exchange my Refill Cylinder?

When your Mr. Butler's Refill Cylinder is empty, take the empty Cylinder to your nearest Dealer and exchange it for the cost
of gas. Find your nearest Dealer It's best to keep an extra Refill Cylinder at home so that you never run out of Soda and Soft
drinks when you need it. Ensure that you purchase Refills that are in a sealed wrapper with the Mr. Butler logo. Never use Cylinders
refilled by unauthorised refillers.

When you insert a new refill cylinder into the Sodamaker, the gas leaks without the
Operating Panel being pressed

This could be a simple problem. The Rubber Washer between the Cylinder Head Block, into which the Cylinder is screwed, and
the Cylinder Valve might have fallen off. Replace the Washer. Use the Spare Washer placed at the back of the Soda maker.
Alternatively contact our ' Customer Service’.

Water overflows sometimes from the PET Bottle during carbonation

When filling the PET Bottle with water, ensure that the water level does not exceed the line that is marked on the bottle.
When making the Soda, each press of the Operating Panel must not exceed one second. Use short, firm presses only.

Can any type of bottle be used in the Sodamaker?

No. Only genuine Mr. Butler PET Bottles can be used. These are special Bottles made to withstand the carbonating pressure.

How many Sodas can be made with one Cylinder?

Approximately 175 glasses (200ml) or 25-30 Litres of Soda can be made with one genuine Mr. Butler Refill Cylinder. This will
vary to small extent depending on how strong you generally make your Soda.

How do I make aerated Soft Drink?

Fill water into the 1 litre Bottle till the lowest level marked 'Level For Soft Drink' Make the soda. Then pour the Soft Drink
Concentrate up to level marked, 'Fill concentrate to this level only' after carbonation. Cap the Bottle. Turn the Bottle upside down to
get a uniform mix. Fizzy Soft Drink is ready to be served.

Can I make and keep Sodas and Soft Drinks in the fridge for later use?

Yes, You can. In fact, we recommend you do just that. Purchase sufficient quantity of spare Bottles so that a large quantity of
Sodas and Fizzy Soft Drinks can be made and stored. This will be particularly useful for parties.

The gas does not appear to flow freely when I press the Operating Panel. Why?

The gas Cylinder is empty. Replace Gas Cylinder. Or,

The jet in the Carbonating Pipe may be blocked. Take your Sodamaker to your Dealer or Authorized Service Center to
rectify the blocked jet

Helpful Hints


  • Use Chilled water for better Sodas and Soft
  • Keep extra stock of Bottles to store even
    plain water, Soda or Soft drinks
  • Use only Mr. Butler Refill Cylinder and keep
    an extra one at home so you never run out
    of gas.
  • To prevent overflowing when concentrate
    is being poured, tilt the Bottle.


  • Never use an empty, under or over filled
    Bottle for carbonation.
  • Do not use if the Bottle is deeply scratched
    or deformed.
  • Never carbonate the Bottle of water
    containing syrup.
  • Never keep the Bottle in the freezer.
  • Never wash the Bottle in hot water above
    50 C or in dish washer.
  • Never press the Carbonating Button for
    over a second at a time during
  • Avoid carbonating water at room temperature
    and putting in the refrigerator for
    cooling. Sodas made in this manner will
    be 'flat'


Use Only Mr. Butler PET Bottle

Use only Mr. Butler Refill Cylinders

Use chilled water for better Sodas and Soft Drinks

Wash the Bottle in warm water

Clean the Sodamaker with soft, damp cloth

Use only short bursts to carbonate the Soda